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Water quality and importance of body washing

For the sake of the water quality and the streaming there is extremely important that everyone that is entering the water do proper body wash prior entering the pool by all occasions.

Lunch, beverages, snacks, etc.

There is a kiosk at the arena. From here you can buy some simple food and beverage. The kiosk accept international cards like MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, V pay, Electron, JCB, Diners Club. AmEx is unfortunately not accepted.

When should we arrive?

The Tournament is starting on Friday morning. Therefore, it is recommended that all contestants should arrive on Thursday afternoon or evening (check out the Get Together Thursday evening)

What is the price for accommodation?

The prices appear in the forms for ordering hotel and School accommodation. The prices for School accommodation are per person per night. For the hotel, the prices are per room per night. Have a look at the reservation form.

Is it possible to expand the School accommodation to Monday morning?

So far it is not an option to stay the night from Sunday to Monday in the School. If this is an issue for many contestant, we will check the possibilities.

May I ask the hotel to send me invoice?

The hotel determines how payment can be made. Billing inquiries should be directed to the hotel.

How far is it from the accommodations to the tournament arena?

From the School accommodation it is only 10 minutes walk. From Hotel Atlantic (Sandefjord downtown) it is a 5 minutes drive and 20 minutes to walk.

How is the School accommodation work?

The accommodation is simple. The contestants must bring sleeping bags or the like, as well as camping mattresses. Kitchen is made available for easy self catering. All contestants has to move out Friday and Monday morning at 07:30 due to preparing for ordinary School activities these days.

Where is the School?

Krokemoveien 4, 3214 Sandefjord. This is 5 minutes walk from the Tournament Stadion and 15 minutes walk from the town centre of Sandefjord.

Get together on Thursday the 10th at 19:00

On Thursday the 10th of November at 1900 and onward, we will arrange an informal reception – a get together for all the teams that have arrived in Sandefjord at that time. The get together will take place in at the School where some of the teams will stay. It is walking distance from the tournament Hotel Atlantic. We are serving pizza and non-alcoholic beverage. This will be free of charge, and we are doing this to let the teams get to know each other a bit, prior the competition. The event ends at 2200 as the latest, in respect to the coming competition.

Transfer between OSL and Sandefjord

The railway line between OSL/Oslo and Sandefjord will be closed during the tournament period du to heavy line maintenance. Buses can be chartered Please contact: Hans-Eirik Svepstad, Phone: +4797980005, Email: post@busscharter.no, WEB: www.busscharter.no