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Registration is over!

Dear all,

the deadline for the final entry form and the registration is over.
For the XII. UWR OECJ have 8 federations reported:
+ 5 women team
+ 8 men team
These are as follow:

+ Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Swedan.

+ Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Swedan, Finland, Turkey and the USA.

The schedule and the timetable for the tournament will be created as soon as possible.

We will publish the schedule here as soon as we get it!


U-21 Underwater Rugby  European Championship 2016.

The plans have been made and we are starting to prepare for a great tornament!

Join us on facebook by clicking on the link by the search ikon above!

The size of the arena:

The game area:
Length: 11.5m
Width: 10.5m
Depth: 4.0m
Exchange area: 2.0m

Warm-up area:
Length: 25m
Width: 12,5m
Depth: 1.2-1.8m

More info Will Come !