Free shuttle bus between Hotel Atlantic and the arena


Due to the early winter weather, there will be free bus shuttle between the Hotel Atlantic and the arena twice in the morning and twice in the late afternoon. The first departure is 0800 in the morning Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The second departure will be 15 minutes after the first none.

Return first departure from the arena will be 1700. The second departure is 15 minutes after the first one. Sunday return departure will be earlier. Time is to be announced.

It might be changes, but in that  cases the changes will be announced.

Streaming is ready

Hello everyone!

We are getting closer every second!

Under the tournament we want to reach out to all those back home. Those who are curious and want to watch this tournament and follow their teams.
We are streaming all matches online.
You can click and share this link:

One more week

Drar all!

Quite soon Sandefjord Dykkerklubb will have the pleasure to wish you welcome to the Open European Championship for Juniors. For three days from early morning to late night we will experience fair and fun competition between teams from eight different nations.

We, in the local tournament committee, are doing our best to make all the important details falling in to right places. It might of cause happen that we miss out something, so feel free to ask whenever you have some issues that must be clarified. We are maintaining the FAQ continuously:


Please visit the FAQ for Q&A.

The Get Together on Thursday evening at 19:00 is free of charge for all the contestants and support teams. We sincerely hope you will find your way to this event. It will take place at the School where Germany, Sweden and USA accommodates. Too petty, Germany will not arrive until early Friday morning.

Upon registration everyone will get small bags containing some information about Sandefjord area, accreditation sign and key card for the locker in the wardrobes.

·The tournament hotel lies 2,5 km. from the arena. Walking distance is approximately 20 minutes. There are public communication (bus) to be used, but it is low frequent. Walking is probably the best way to move between the hotel and the arena. For Germany, USA and Sweden (School), the distance is only a five minute walk.

Remember – this is Norway and November. We are expecting the first snow for the season the coming weekend. Please bring warm clothes and water proof jackets or umbrellas J. We might be lucky, but it is vice to prepare for ugly weather. An ok site to check the local climate is

Please feel free to ask questions! There is guaranteed not only you that wonder that particular matter so the FAQ will be continuously updated.

We are really looking forward to see you in Sandefjord I about a week. Travel safe!