Rugby equipment for sale

Hello Everyone!

It’s under 2 months until the tournament is starting. We have a supplier who wants to make YOU ready for the championship in Sandefjord.

He sells good quality rugby equipment
Some of the familiar equipment that is for sale:

Futura 1 Mask:                    NOK 300,-
Technisub Stratos fins:      NOK 650,-
Waterways fiber fins:         NOK 1,400,-
Nemo fiber fins:                  NOK 1,900,-

For more equipment you can visit the suppliers webpage at:

He wants you to preorder 6 weeks before the tournament starts. So he can make sure that everyone gets their order delivered at the tournament. So last preorder should be sent within 1st of October.

You can send your order by email to or you can send a PM to tournament Facebook page.

If you live in Norway, it’s possible to get it delivered by mail from today. If the order is higher than NOK 5000,-your order will have no shipping.

1st draft of the tournament schedule

The 1st draft of the game schedule. Changes may occur.
Gameplan is not ready yet.
Championship schedule
Total games: 34
Friday, November, 11th, 2016
+ 8 to 12 a.m.             Official Training
+ 10 a.m.                        Technical meeting
+ 121.30 a.m.              Opening Ceremony
+ 1 p.m.                           Ball selection
+ 1.30 p.m.                    Start of 1st game (9 games)
+ approx. 9 p.m.         End of first day
Saturday, November 12th, 2016
+ 8 a.m.                           Start of second day (15 games)
+ approx. 8.30 p.m.  End of second day.
Sunday, November, 13th, 2016
+ 7 a.m.                          Start of third day (10 games)
+ 12 a.m.                       Start bronze medal game women
+ 1 p.m.                         Start bronze medal game men
+ 2 p.m.                         Start final game women
+ 3 p.m.                        Start final game men
+ 4 p.m.                       Winning and closing ceremony.

Registration is over!

Dear all,

the deadline for the final entry form and the registration is over.
For the XII. UWR OECJ have 8 federations reported:
+ 5 women team
+ 8 men team
These are as follow:

+ Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Swedan.

+ Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Swedan, Finland, Turkey and the USA.

The schedule and the timetable for the tournament will be created as soon as possible.

We will publish the schedule here as soon as we get it!